We’re just some friends
fighting ovarian cancer.

We started A Bright Light to raise ovarian cancer awareness. We want people to know more about this disease and how to detect it early. We also want to support the research of this disease and the treatment of women suffering from it, so we're here to raise a little money, too.

Our Story

Our story starts with a friend. Emily Bright was diagnosed with ovarian cancer when she was 23. Her first doctor dismissed the early signals, and the cancer wasn’t found until it was advanced. After immediate treatment, the cancer went into remission for several years, but returned in 2006. After more surgery and rounds of chemotherapy, Emily passed away in January 2008, when she was only 32.

Emily was an inspiration to her friends, and she still is. That's why we decided to keep fighting ovarian cancer. In 2009, we established A Bright Light charitable fund through the Greater Greenville (NC) Community Foundation. With GGCF's help, we can raise funds to support research and treatment through local events.

Bright Night 5k

On May 8, 2010, we held our first fundraising event - the Bright Night 5k. Emily had been a runner, and had inspired some of us to start running, too. So we thought it would be appropriate to hold a 5k race. Bright Night takes places in Emily's childhood neighborhood and draws hundreds of participants who run or walk in a great community event.

Other Events

The plans don't end with Bright Night. We also participate in local health fairs to spread awareness, and we're organizing other fundraising events for the upcoming year.

Ovarian Cancer

You can find plenty of information about ovarian cancer online, as well. National organizations such as the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund, and the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition work tirelessly to provide information about the disease, new developments in research and treatment, and other support for patients and their loved ones.

The message we most want to emphasize is that ovarian cancer is hard to detect. There is currently no effective screening test for it, and its symptoms are subtle. The OCRF sums it up: "Listen to your body. Do not ignore symptoms. Be your own advocate with your physician."

A Bright Light has donated many of the funds already raised to the UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center, specifially their gynecologic oncology program. The Lineberger Center is doing innovative research in cancer treatment that includes clinical trials for patients. We're proud to help Lineberger do their innovative work, and in 2011 we committed to establishing an endowment there in Emily's name.

Contact Us

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